Birthday Gifts for Runners - Under 15$

Birthday Gifts For Runners Under 15$

Birthday Gifts for Runners - Under 15$

So there is a runner in your family and they have a birthday coming up… but you just can’t figure out what to get them.  Something simple and inexpensive will do but what?

Well we are here to help!  Running is more than just shoes and pavement there's so many intricacies to the sport that most people overlook.  On top of that there’s so many nice to have things that as a runner you want but sometimes it's hard to justify buying it.  So here are our top 3 things that runners would love for under 15$

#1 - Running Socks - by far our favorite gift to get as a runner

Running Socks are often overlooked by runners, but they are real game changers.  It's hard to describe why they make such a huge difference… Its part the additional cushion and support they provide and part preventing blisters and rubbing that make them so great.  We have several pairs of Balega socks that we wear for our runs, and would never go back to anything else for running. The Balega socks start at 11$ but some of the nicer pairs can top 20$, so it might be a little over 15$ but this is probably the best gift you can give a runner.

#2 - Apple Watch Band or Garmin Watch Band

Running causes a ton of wear on everything including your watch band, and they eventually wear out or break.  Bands that come with the watch can also be uncomfortable and rub when you are running. Picking of a new band that fits well can be life changing! Not everybody has the same watch but some of the most popular ones that our runners have are the Garmin Forerunner Series, and Apple Watch.

Garmin or Apple Watch Bands

#3 - Running / Race Day Nutrition

Taking in proper nutrition while you are running is extremely important.  As a runner progresses in the sport and their long runs start to surpass the 45 minute mark or over 5 miles, they will need to intake Carbohydrates during their run to fuel their bodies.  With out this nutrition their training could suffer or they could be more prone to injuries. There’s tons of different nutrition options out there but our favorites are:

Sports Beans & Shot Blocks

Our personal favorite for on the go nutrition, these can easily be tucked in a pocket when running, and sometimes you just want something quick to chew on.  Added bonus, the caffeine sports beans provide a nice boost of energy to help push through a hard run. 

Running Gels

These are the most common for runners to take during a run, they are individually packaged and easy to consume on the move.  

Honey Stingers

these are great treats for before a race.  They are super easy on the stomach and provide a nice boost of energy at the start.  They are so delicious we eat them as regular snacks from time to time. 

Now get out there, hit the track, and don’t forget!