NoDa Brewery Run Club Presents Oniversity

NoDa Run Club

On Wednesday night our very own Coach Flavia, Captain of the CRC/On Running Racing Team was invited with several other teammates to Oniversity, hosted by On Running and Charlotte Running Company at NoDa Brewery.  The brewery hosts a fantastic Run Club on Wednesday evenings at 6:30PM, featuring running specific vendors and events each week. This week they stepped things up a notch with the Oniversity Panel Discussion with local elite runners from the CRC/On Running Race Team.  

The Oniversity series was created to help support the local running community and provide new and experienced runners with a forum to talk about the sport. Runners had the opportunity to not only chat with race team members, but also wear/test some AWESOME On Running shoes.

The group run started with a few quick announcements from the On Running representatives, then a brief introduction of the race team members noting the chance for some Q&A about best practices for training, nutrition, and gear post-run. With dark clouds and rain on the horizon everyone was eager to get the run started. Coach Flavia wished everyone a good run and the group took off!  Soon after the run started, the black clouds unleashed sheets of pouring rain…but as many of us know, a little rain never stopped a runner from getting in all their miles.

As people trickled in from the 1, 3 and 5 mile routes, NoDa provided dry towels for everyone to dry up as much as they could.  Not to be deterred by the rain, Oniversity moved their event inside with casual discussions with the Elite team over some delicious beers. Runners mingled around the bar, ordered frosty brews, and took the opportunity to speak with Flavia, Caleb and Amanda about running related topics. You could overhear conversations about everything from running form to marathon day nutrition, and favorite race day shoes…Which are obviously On Clouds!    

Overall it was a wonderful evening filled with friends enjoying a good (wet) run, great beer, and the opportunity to learn and improve in our local running community.

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